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Your New or Used Auto Loan + Express = 1% Cash Back

At Express, we aim to offer a solution for all of your financial needs. That's why, for a limited time, we're offering 1% cash back to members who receive a new or used auto loan directly with us!*

When you apply for your auto loan directly with Express CU and come into our office to close your loan, we'll deposit 1% cash back into your savings once your loan is funded!* That means a little extra money for you, a car financed by a top-notch Community Development Credit Union, and a stress-free financing experience!

So, get on the road to savings with the credit union that's the right answer for you, and apply for an auto loan with us today!

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*Only auto loans financed directly with Express CU will be eligible for the 1% cash back. You must apply directly with Express CU and complete signing of loan documentation in the Express CU office. Vehicles 12 years and newer 150,000 miles max. Maximum loan to value not to exceed 125% and subject to individual creditworthiness and approved credit. Offer valid until 07.31.2021. All loans are subject to credit approval. Other restrictions apply. Subject to change without notice. See credit union for details. Federally insured by NCUA.

Auto Loans

Buying a car with a loan from Express CU is easy!

At Express CU we know that buying a car can be complicated and confusing. We can help save you money and keep your monthly payments affordable.

Qualify for an Express CU auto loan with the lowest possible interest rate

Get a great deal on your car

Use an easy, electronic payment plan at no charge

ECU can finance vehicles 12 years or newer with max 150,000 miles

Get prepared to visit an auto dealer by working with Express CU first!

Speak with an Express loan officer or member service rep today.

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Buying a car can be overwhelming. By getting your pre-approval with Express CU prior to the car buying process you’ve taken the first step to success. Express CU partners with the companies below to ensure you’re treated fairly and not pressured, you find the right car for you and at the right price.

Click on each Partner’s logo below to learn more, shop for vehicles and access their car buying tools.
Enterprise Car Sales

Auto Loan Refinancing

  • Do you have an auto loan with another lender?
  • Is your current interest rate too high?
  • Do you want to lower your monthly auto loan payment?

If you answered YES to any of those questions then you should consider refinancing your auto loan. With a refinance you take out a new loan at Express CU to pay off the outstanding balance at another lender.

On average Express Credit Union has been able lower monthly payments by $150 on refinanced auto loans!


Many people finance their autos through a dealer and are happy with the monthly payment. But many don’t realize how much is going to interest each month and the length of time it really takes to pay off the loan.

Express CU loan department will provide quality customer service throughout the entire process. If you are considering refinancing gather the following information before applying so the process will be quick!

1. Car registration

  • All parties listed on title will need to sign to refinance. If there is a case where you would like to remove the name of a party they would still need to sign at time of refinance to release their interest in the vehicle.

2. Most Recent Pay Stub

  • Self-employed parties who do not pay themselves with a pay stub will be asked for 2 years of filed personal & business tax returns.

3. 10 Day Pay-Off & Pay-Off Address Information

  • This is the principle balance plus 10 days of interest. The balance on your statement doesn’t include the daily interest that is added to loan balance since your last payment. You can call your loan servicer and get this information over the phone.

Once you have these items just complete our loan application. If you have any questions e-mail the loan department at loans@expresscu.org or call our office 206-622-1850.

Not Quite Classic / Viejo Auto Loan

Due to popular demand, we have developed a new loan program for "not quite classic" autos! These are older vehicles between 12-25 years old and have mileage up to 250,000. Now, with Express CU, you can finance your older vehicle and not have to worry about using all your cash to make the purchase or pay a high personal loan rate to purchase the car! Interest rate and amount financed will depend on your credit score and capacity to repay. We will ask that you complete an inspection with a mechanic to identify any major mechanical repairs, we'd hate for you to buy an older used car to have it break down and be a never-ending money pit!

Also, if you already own a car free and clear that fits within the Not Quite Classic auto loan parameters you can apply for a loan and use the title as security for a loan to use for other purposes like pay down other debts, pay for school expense or vacation.

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Pre-approval available to help you improve your buying options

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