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Express Credit Cards

Express offers a low rate, no annual fee credit card to approved members! Credit limits are based on your credit history and ability to repay.

VISA Credit Card

Variable APR


No annual fee

A minimum 28-day grace period on purchases

No Balance Transfer Fees

Cash advances available at ATMs worldwide

Make payments and view statements online

By using Express CU products and services the revenue generated allows us to offer free accounts and offer low-cost services and loans for underserved communities.



Sometimes all it takes is one unexpected expense to throw off your entire budget, leading to delinquent payments or inability to pay an account balance. Express CU offers opportunities for getting back on track and rebuilding your credit with products designed for these situations.

Secured Credit Card

Qualify for your first credit card or rebuild credit with an Express CU secured VISA card 

Obtaining a secured card requires a deposit of 120% of the card limit into a savings account

For example, Express CU requires $600 on deposit for a $500 credit limit

Deposit funds in your name are held as security for the loan for 1 year, subject to conditions

Make on time payments for one year and you may qualify to have your deposit funds released

Rate varies based on credit score ranging from 8.50% to 16.50% APR ⱡ.

Secured VISA card limits range from $250 minimum up to $1,000.

Submit a loan application online or call 206-622-1850 to see if you qualify

If qualified for a secured credit card you will be referred to an on staff Express CU financial coach to

assess your personal financial situation

review your credit report

talk about budgeting tools

learn more about how these products may help you build a better financial future

Consumer Visa Agreement

Some restrictions may apply, ⱡ see Truth in Lending Disclosure