Loans for Anything


Personal Loans

Express CU offers a wide range of personal loans to meet your needs. Use a personal loan to purchase home appliances, pay medical bills, emergency expenses, purchase a computer, or for a variety of other reasons.

We also offer loans to help build your credit history or to help you consolidate multiple bills into a single payment. The amount of your loan and interest rate are subject to qualifications. For your convenience, we offer easy, electronic payment plans at no charge.

Signature / Unsecured




Fixed rates and monthly payments

Designed to help you pay for the things that you need or want today

Avoids using potentially higher rate credit cards or store financing

Pay for home appliances, medical bills, computers, or this year's vacation

Debt Consolidation Loan

An Express CU debt consolidation loan can help you get out of high interest credit card debt as quickly as possible.

The loan officers at Express will support you every step of the way. You’ll work with a loan officer to establish payments that are affordable but ensures your debt is paid down rapidly. This combination of rapid repayment and expert advice can help get you out of debt and keep you debt free. On average, our members have saved over $5,000 in interest with a debt consolidation loan from Express CU.


Credit Builder Loans

Life Happens!

Sometimes all it takes is one unexpected expense to throw off your entire budget, leading to delinquent payments or inability to pay an account balance.

Late pays and unpaid balances can

Affect your credit

Lower your credit score

Limit your ability to borrow at fair and affordable rates

When you’re ready to get back on track and start rebuilding your credit, Express CU has products designed just for this scenario

Help you rebuild your credit score

Restore your borrowing capacity


Credit Builder Loans (Cash Secured)

AKA Money on Lay-a-way!

Establish and build your credit with loan terms of six months to one year

Funds from the loan are deposited into a locked account in your name at Express CU

The deposit funds are used as security for the loan *

Make monthly, on time payments

Once you have paid off the loan the funds are released to you!

Interest rates are low

A cost effective method to establish or rebuild credit history

Maximum loan is $3,000

Rate varies based on credit score, ranging from 4.15% to 12.15% APR ⱡ.

*You will have access to your deposit funds when the loan is paid in full.

Express CU’s credit repair loans may be exactly what’s needed to reset your financial future.

Even if...

your credit score is below 550

you currently have past due loan payments

have charged off accounts

...Express CU may be able help!


If qualified for these products you will be referred to an on staff Express CU financial coach to

assess your personal financial situation

review your credit report

talk about budgeting tools

learn more about how these products may help you build a better financial future

Cash Secured Loans

Similar to the Credit Builder Loan you borrow money secured by cash deposited to your share savings account or CD. The funds used as security on the loan do not have to be your own – family or friends may help you by depositing money at Express Credit Union and agreeing to have it ‘locked’ until your loan is repaid in full.


US Citizenship Loans - Immigration Financing


The US Citizenship application fee is $725 per person and this can be a lot to pay all at once if you are applying for multiple family members. If you don’t have the money for the application fee and don’t qualify for other assistance, ECU can help by providing you with a loan that can be repaid over 9-24 months. You can also apply for a loan for $1,225 to cover the application fee for Permanent Residency. If you need assistance to pay for attorney’s fees, we may be able to help finance some of those costs as well.



Individuals who were previously granted deferred action under DACA may require renewal. Renewal applications for DACA are still being accepted by USCIS but they are not accepting new applications from individuals who have never before been granted deferred action under DACA.

The current application fee is $495 and ECU can assist with paying that fee. We offer a $495 personal loan at 0% interest and a 10 month repayment term. There is a onetime $40 application fee that is paid upfront when loan is funded. We do pull credit and require income verification from you and will report to credit bureaus as well to help build credit score. If you need additional funds to pay for other services received or attorney’s fees we would then process as standard personal loan, 0% interest will not apply in cases where more than $495 is needed.


Holiday Loan


Our annual Holiday Loan product is offered from the start of October and runs through the end of December. This loan is designed to help with the high costs of the season while building funds in a savings account for the next holiday season.

Holiday loans for amounts up to $1,000 at 12% with 10 month repayment period

$25 of every monthly payment is deposited into a Holiday Club Savings Account

Up to $250 will be available in Holiday Club savings by the end of the loan

Disclosures and restrictions regarding the Holiday Club Account will be provided to you at the time of account opening.


Combines a loan with a savings product to help prepare for next year

10 month repayment period with a flat rate and fixed monthly payments

By the time the loan is paid off, you’ll have $250 for next year

Borrow up to $1,000 at a fixed 12% APR


Truth in Lending Disclosure