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Community Tellers

The Express CU community teller model that we are proud to have pioneered has gone through an evolution over time. We learned many lessons and applied feedback from our members and community partners to improve our model. The pandemic forced us to re-evaluate this program, how it functions and how we can better serve the community.

Now more than ever it is important for people to have access to affordable and equitable financial services. Our Community Tellers experience and service is needed to continue supporting our members and clients of partner organizations. We understand that getting to our only branch in SODO is not the most accessible, especially during these difficult times.

Previously - Community Tellers set up a “pop up” branches at community partner locations. The Community Teller would help individuals open accounts, apply for loans, review account history, set up online banking. Also presenting to groups on topics such as banking, budgeting, and credit. The Community Teller met people where they were at to facilitate the opening of an account as convenient as possible. We relied heavily on our community partners to make the referrals to the Community Teller those scheduled days we were on site.

Now and in the Future - Our Community Tellers continue to work with community partners to set up “pop-up” branches upon request to assist their clients in opening accounts, applying for loans and conducting financial education presentations, but now a little differently.   We love to get creative and work with our partners to find innovative ways to engage with their clients.  Many community partners have transitioned to remote classes and services and we have been able to join in remotely. When the time is right, we would love to connect with you and your clients in person.

Interested in a “Pop Up Branch” at your location or would you like to Partner with Express CU?

  • Does your organization work with clients who may be underbanked or underserved?

  • Does your organization hold virtual or in person classes to clients? Would you be interested in offering financial education to your clients?

  • Do you work with clients who may be paying too much for a loan or have high account fees?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we suggest you contact Elizabeth Escobar and/or complete this intake form to see how we can work together!

A partnership with Express CU looks different for each organization. We are happy to collaborate and brainstorm with you to find ways to get information to your clients and the community. Do not hesitate to reach out!

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