Volunteer with Express

Donating your time is one of the best ways to support Express’s efforts in creating an economically just society.  It is with volunteers that we can truly have a community approach to building financial stability for everyone.  Apply to join a positive network of volunteers and program participants working together to achieve financial stability!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Financial Educators:  Financial educators are the chief facilitators of our education workshops.  As a volunteer, you will receive a 6 hour training that will fully equip you to teach subjects covering money management, rebuilding credit, and debt repair.  Volunteers will get to work out in the community, teaching at a variety of our community partner sites. 

Financial Coaches:  Financial coaches will work one-on-one with their coaching partners, providing support and accountability so their partners can reach their financial goals.  This is a 6 month program centered on building positive, participant driven relationships.  Coaches and participants will attend group meetings together as well connect independently. 

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For more information please contact Martin Vallen  at martin.vallen (at) expresscu.org or call 206-612-5689