Express Advantage

Express Advantage is delighted to officially announce the launch of its newly designed website! Follow the link to discover all the ways we are impacting your community. (This link will take you away from the Express Credit Union website.)


About Express Advantage

Express Advantage (EA) is a non-profit, social justice organization committed to developing and implementing strategies to reduce the “high cost of being poor” and increasing wealth building opportunities for underrepresented and underserved populations. Specifically EA focuses on reducing the cost and barriers associated with accessing mainstream financial services and creating pathways to build financial and social assets that will help people become more stable, secure and empowered.

In affiliation with Express Credit Union, and in partnership with many community based organizations, EA connects with underserved communities and provides information, education and supportive services that help people be more successful navigating the financial system and using it to their benefit to achieve their personal goals.

The Express Credit Union / Express Advantage alliance was developed to address a market failure that created a gap in access to financial services for people with low incomes which has been exploited by predatory financial service providers such as payday lenders, check cashers and other under regulated financial service providers. By providing affordable and customized financial services in combination with financial support services such as financial education, we believe that we can provide a market based alternative that is both fair and accessible to members and sustainable as a business.